Moustache Hair Transplant Procedure – To Have a Thicker Moustache

For men who have hair loss or thinning hair on their upper lips, the lasting treatment will be moustache transplant. Moustache transplant is the implantation of hair grafts into the areas of skin that do not grow moustache hairs on the upper lip. The hair grafts that will be implanted into the recipient area are harvested from the back of the scalp as with the hair transplant procedure. To this end, hair grafts are extracted individually from the back of the scalp by fue method with 0.6 mm punches. Then, they are implanted into areas that lack moustache hair.

The roots of the planted hair retain their previous features in the moustache area and continue to grow hairs. Therefore, the growing hair can be cut at appropriate intervals when the moustache is shaved. Hair grafts will not have enough blood supply if they are implanted too close to each other. For this reason, the transplant density should be enough to ensure that they have enough blood supply. Once the hair grafts are planted and the hair begins to grow with enough blood supply (4-6 months later), a secondary hair transplant can be performed if there is a sparse moustache area.

With the moustache transplant procedure, problems such as scars, surgical scars, burn marks, and hair loss in the moustache area can be camouflaged almost completely, whereas in the case of patients who can not grow moustaches at all, a brand new look can be achieved. In moustache transplant procedures, the fue method should be favored over the FUT method which does not yield satisfactory results. Hair grafts extracted with 0.6-0.7 mm punches, should be implanted simultaneously with the help of tools without cutting the skin. This way, not only the duration of transplant will be shortened but also the grafts will not die as they will not wait long.

If the tips used are fine, there will be no scars or traces of the procedure on both the donor and recipient areas. Ranges and density of the transplant are determined by the patient. Generally speaking, when 1000 hair grafts are implanted on a patient who has no moustache, the hairless appearance of the moustache will be eliminated, however for a thicker moustache, the number of grafts should be higher. When mustache transplant is performed with FUE, the result will be so close to the natural look that even the barbers will not be able to tell the difference while shaving, regardless of the density of the moustache.

With the help of FUE, desired amount of hair grafts is extracted from the desired donor area and is implanted into the recipient area in the desired density in an angle matching the natural hair growth in that area.

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