In fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, hair grafts are harvested individually and are implanted into the balding areas with the help of a specially-tipped micro motor under local anesthesia, by taking into account the angle and direction of the natural hair growth.

Nowadays, the majority of hair transplant procedures are performed with the FUE method. Patients feel more at ease when they seek to get this procedure as it is a non-surgical technique.

In the FUE method, the grafts are extracted individually and implanted into the balding areas. Hair in the donor area is cut to 1 mm length before the extraction of follicular units. With the help of a local anaesthetic medication, the donor and recipient areas will be anesthetized. The micro-motor tip is brought closer to the center of the hair graft, is inserted into the skin in a way that matches the angle of hair growth and is pulled backed. This way, the hair graft is cut cylindrically, along with the follicle and the microscopic tissue surrounding it. It is pulled gently with a micro-clamp and the follicular unit comes separated from the loose base. Thanks to this automated system, which minimizes the damage to the grafts, the operative times have been shortened and the number of grafts extracted per the unit of time has also increased. After the follicular units are harvested in this way, they are implanted into much smaller holes that are opened in the balding area. Each follicular unit consists of an average of 2 to 3 follicles.

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