How is a revision rhinoplasty (secondary rhinoplasty) performed?

A revision rhinoplasty is performed when the desired look of a patient who has undergone a rhinoplasty one or more times could not be achieved after the initial operations. It is also applied to treat traumatic nasal deformities. There are some considerations that patients need to take note of before Secondary Rhinoplasty, during which breathing problems are also addressed along with the shape of nose.

Why should you consider a revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty should be considered when the patient is not satisfied with the result after the first rhinoplasty and also in the following cases:

  • Infections after the first plastic surgery
  • Resorption of cartilage
  • Poor wound healing
  • Excessive removal of cartilage and bone tissue in the first operation
  • Improper application of supporting sutures in the first surgery
  • Patient’s demands not taken into consideration properly in the first operation.

Preparing for revision rhinoplasty

This operation can be performed 6 months after the first surgery after determining the procedures to be applied for the patient. However if major interventions are required, a revision rhinoplasty can be performed 1 or 2 years after the initial operation. Before the procedure, patient should stop taking aspirin and any other medication containing its derivatives. Also, at this stage, they are advised to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. At least 6 hours of fasting is necessary before the procedure and cosmetic products should be avoided on the day of surgery.

How is revision rhinoplasty performed?

In secondary rhinoplasty, usually closed or open technique is used. One of the two techniques can be applied depending on the nose structure and the procedure performed previously. Prior to the revision rhinoplasty, nose is examined in terms of height, asymmetry, drooping, or dorsal humps. The purpose of this procedure is to correct any nose curvature, protrusions or drooping nasal tip. This aesthetic operation is completely tailored to each patient and aims to achieve a well-proportioned face.

If it is necessary to use cartilage during the revision rhinoplasty, intranasal cartilage can be used. However, if the cartilage was used in the first operation, a cartilage graft should be performed. In this case, the operation will be completed successfully by harvesting the cartilage graft either from the ear or a rib. Patients undergo an operation that will last 2 to 4 hours under general anesthesia, and is advised to stay overnight in the hospital after the procedure.

Recovery period after revision rhinoplasty

No complications are observed in patients after secondary rhinoplasty. And you can speed up the recovery period by following your doctor’s instructions. Although there is no severe post-op pain after the procedure, mild pain may be observed in the first few days.

Patients are advised to apply cold compress to face for comfort in the first few days. In addition, any possible post-op pain can be taken care of with prescribed painkillers. And using a high pillow is advised when sleeping for the first 1 week after revision rhinoplasty. At the same time, smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided until complete recovery.

As of the 4th day following the operation, nasal breathing becomes regular. Patients who are advised to take their showers without wetting the plastic splint placed on the nose can go back as of the 7th day. 7 days after the operation, plasters and plastic splint on the nose are removed. Patients can start doing light exercises after 15 days. Those who are engaged in swimming are asked to avoid this activity for at least 8 weeks.

The recovery process of the revision rhinoplasty will start as of the 3rd week following the procedure. Patients who gets to achieve a more beautiful and aesthetically-appealing nose shape will also build up their self-confidence. For this reason, if your expectations were not met after the first operation, you can get the results you desire in a short time by seeking to get a secondary rhinoplasty surgery.


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