What is Piezo rhinoplasty?

The operation performed to shape nasal bones is called Piezo rhinoplasty. Piezo refers to the surgical instrument that is used to successfully complete this process. Nasal bones can easily be shaped by using ultrasonic sound waves during the procedure. Piezo technology starts to function quickly on the area it has come into contact with. Therefore, no harm is done to blood vessels, muscles and skin. And as the Piezo rhinoplasty does not have any side effects, patients can go back to their daily life comfortably.

Can piezo surgery be used to treat nasal congestion?

This surgical method can be considered for patients who have snoring problems as well as nasal congestion, since these problems occur due to nasal bone curvature. Patients with breathing problems resulting from snoring and nasal congestion may experience symptoms such as enlargement of heart (cardiomegaly), dry mouth, and a decline in effort capacity in time. And Piezo surgery is among the most reliable methods to be used in order to avoid such problems.

How is Piezo rhinoplasty performed?

With the developments in technology, new techniques have been introduced in aesthetic operations. Piezo, one of the most preferred rhinoplasty procedures today, ensures that no swelling or bruising occurs after surgery. The ultrasonic waves used in the piezo rhinoplasty sculpt the nose into the desired shape. Previously, in order to reshape the nasal area, the nasal bones used to be broken and severe side effects used to appear. However, thanks to the Piezo technique, the side effects observed in patients have been reduced to a minimum and successful results have been achieved.

A Piezo rhinoplasty usually lasts 2 to 4 hours. However, it is not always possible to set a certain time limit for aesthetic operations. As it is a surgical application, your doctor will inform you in detail about the duration of surgery during your consultation before the procedure.

Post-operative instructions for Piezo rhinoplasty

After the procedure, there will be some situations that patients should pay attention to. During rest, the nose should be supported with a high pillow. Patients are also advised to avoid blood thinners. In addition, they are advised to discontinue smoking and alcohol consumption, if any, in the first weeks.

Tampons placed in the nasal area are removed at the end of the 1st week. It is also important to make sure that the nasal area does not come into contact with water after the operation. Piezo rhinoplasty, which is a very gentle process, is an operation that shows signs of healing in a short time.

Patients who are discharged are asked to schedule follow-up appointments with their doctor at certain times. Piezo technique, which is the most preferred method of rhinoplasty nowadays, can help you achieve the ideal nasal appearance and make you feel more attractive.

What are the advantages of Piezo rhinoplasty?

Since the nasal bone is broken in rhinoplasty procedures performed under normal conditions, post-op complications such as bruising, pain and swelling may be observed. However, with the Piezo rhinoplasty, the nasal bones are cut using sound waves without breaking them and the nasal area is sculpted into the desired shape. With this procedure, patients can go back to their daily life after only a 1-day rest.

Nasal tampon packing will be applied after the procedure. The tampon can only be removed by the doctor and patients are advised to avoid touching it in any way, which will speed up the healing process. It should be noted that there are no disadvantages in Piezo rhinoplasty, which can be performed in a short time.

With the help of Piezo rhinoplasty, the patient’s aesthetic expectations from the procedure can be met. There is no side effect after the procedure as the nasal tissues are not damaged in this technique. It is also followed by a comfortable and healthy recovery process. Moreover, this procedure is known to get positive user comments from many patients who had a Piezo rhinoplasty previously.


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