Mid-facelift is also known as endoscopic facelift. It is a surgical operation that is more popular among women. With the advancement of technology, these operations can be done frequently. This is a pain-free and short procedure which is less complicated compared to classic facelift operations. Endoscopic mid-facelift is rarely considered by people who are very advanced in age. This procedure is usually applied to those who have problems in the mid-face area. The mid-cheek area covers the entire facial area. Patients seek to get a mid-facelift surgery, to get rid of the sagging in the cheek area, the hollow appearance between eyelids and nose, and the laugh lines. This surgery is usually preferred by middle-aged people. With the help of mid-facelift surgery, patients will achieve a younger-looking and flawless skin. The procedure is performed by making an incision through the lower eyelid or inside the mouth. The sagging parts of the problem areas are suspended upwards and the face is tightened and sculpted into a perfect shape. It is of vital importance to make a consultation with the doctor before the surgery. If necessary, the patient will be asked to stop taking some medications. Especially blood thinners should be avoided for a while. In addition, patients are asked to discontinue smoking and drinking alcohol for a while.

Post-operative Instructions for Mid-Facelift Surgery

Mid-facelift is performed to get rid of the imperfections on the facial area of the patient. In this procedure, the patient should absolutely go through a medical examination. Techniques to be applied for the surgery may vary by the individual patient. Therefore, the appropriate technique for the patient can be determined when the patient seeks to consult with a qualified doctor specialized in this field. The patient should absolutely inform the doctor of previous illnesses or disorders, if applicable. Mid-facelift surgery can take 2.5 to 3 hours. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery, each area up to the eyelids, including the cheek, is addressed individually. After the surgery, paper plasters are applied and kept under the eyes for 5 days. If the cheek is also lifted, there will be an elastic wrap used around this part. A surgical drain is usually not required in this procedure. Swelling and bruising are expected after the surgery. In such situations, cold compresses can be applied to reduce swelling and bruising which will last 2 to 4 weeks. There will be an accompanying post-op pain during this period. When pain is experienced in areas other than specified by the doctor, it is absolutely necessary to consult with the treating doctor. After the operation, the patient should keep the follow-up appointments. It is safe to apply makeup products and skin creams approximately 10 days after mid-facelift surgery.

The Cost of Mid-Facelift Surgery

This surgery, also known as endoscopic mid-facelift, gives a younger appearance to the patient. The way the mid-facelift surgery is performed is very important. If the surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, it can yield very successful results. On the other hand, in the case of a poorly performed surgery, no improvement can be observed in the targeted area. With the help of endoscopic mid-facelift surgery, the forehead area can be expanded, the brows can be lifted, and the lines that stretch along the forehead and frown lines between the eyebrows can be eliminated. In this way, the facial area can be tightened. Thus, a permanent Botox effect is achieved. The procedure gives an almond eye effect to the eyes by lifting the outer corner of the eyes, while giving a fuller appearance to the cheekbones. This way, a youthful and fresh appearance is achieved. For those who are concerned about scarring after surgery, it is possible to say that there will be no scars left thanks to the latest technology. The cost of the surgery may vary by the hospital and the treating surgeon and by the technique to be applied. What is more important here is that the procedure be performed successfully, rather than the cost of the surgery. Because if performed poorly, it will not give the desired appearance or it may even lead to an unsatisfactory result in the facial area. Therefore, it is recommended to have a consultation with an aesthetic surgery specialist before the procedure is performed. After a detailed examination, the necessary planning will be carried out and then the accurate cost of the surgery will be determined.

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