Forehead lift surgery is a special aesthetic procedure that reduces the creases and lines on the forehead. There are horizontal and vertical lines in the forehead area. These lines make the individuals look older and more tired than they are. With forehead lift surgery, the patient achieves a younger and flawless skin. Forehead lift is a procedure that is more suitable for people who are advanced in age. This procedure, which is often preferred by people particularly over their 40’s, is quite advantageous. This procedure, also known as facial rejuvenation, needs to be performed by a specialist surgeon. Otherwise, there could be unintended consequences. During the operation, the eyebrows are shifted slightly up. The method varies by the individual patient. Therefore, the cost of the forehead lift also varies. There are two methods of forehead lift: Endoscopic forehead lift and forehead lift surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Small incisions are made under general anesthesia. At the same time, the forehead skin is lifted by making an incision in the upper bone area of the eye socket. The surgery might take up to two hours. Despite incisions, no scar is left in the forehead area. The patient may be discharged on the same day or stay overnight in the hospital, depending on his or her condition after the surgery. The results are not permanent. The forehead lines may reappear due to aging. However, it is possible for the patient to undergo forehead lift surgery again.

The Process and Cost of Forehead Lift Surgery

There may be patients who do not prefer surgical methods. In this case, Ulthera, Botox, and certain laser applications can be used. Botox is a method that helps reduce creases temporarily for up to six months. The Ulthera method is a non-surgical method performed in one session. Whether it will be an endoscopic or an open surgery needs to be decided before the operation. The patient should also be informed about this decision before the surgery. Pre-anesthetic assessment is carried out before the surgery. Forehead lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Forehead lift surgery may take approximately 2 hours.

After surgery:

* Bruises may occur after surgery. This is expected. Bruises and swellings can be reduced to half by applying cold compresses.

* Patients may experience pain after surgery. The painkillers prescribed by the doctor must be taken.

* The patient should avoid lifting anything heavy during this period.

* The patient should start exercising 4-5 days after the surgery.

* Since the procedure is quite complicated, patients can go back to their daily life only 3 days after the surgery.

* Right after the surgery, the eyebrows may be a little bit higher than their expected position. This will turn to normal in 1-2 months.

* Loss of sensation in the forehead area is a risk in forehead lift surgery. This is usually due to the tension of nerves in the temporal and rim area. It happens very rarely and does not cause significant distress.

* Another risk is the damage to the nerves that we use to move our forehead. This leads to eyebrow asymmetry. It is a very rare complication.

Post-operative instructions

Although forehead lift surgery is easy and practical, some problems may occur afterward. If these problems are addressed, the recovery process will be faster and comfortable. The procedure is performed with a facelift and upper eyelid surgery. Conditions to be considered after forehead lift surgery:

* The most important thing to consider after forehead lift surgery is the risk of loss of sensation in the area. Even though this condition occurs very rarely, the patient should pay attention to the area with loss of sensation.

* Although rarely, the nerves that move the forehead area may get damaged. This leads to eyebrow asymmetry. It is a very rare complication.

* The eyes may not close completely in the first week. In such cases, artificial tears and lubricating eye drops can be used.

* Bruises may occur in the forehead area.

* Severe headaches may occur after the procedure.

* If the operated area is closed with a stapler, the staples are removed 7-10 after the surgery. Removal of the staples does not cause any pain.

* There might be a problem with the position of the eyebrows after the forehead lift surgery. They might be located either higher or lower than their normal position. This will turn to normal in 1-2 months.

* As with any surgery, there is a risk of infection in forehead lift surgery as well. This risk is eliminated with the use of antibiotics.

* Exercising right after the surgery is not advised since it is possible to damage the operated area, which might cause the patient to have another operation.

The cost of forehead lift may vary depending on the operated area. Depending on the patient’s request, the surgery can be repeated.

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