Brow lift is an operation performed on eyebrows that shadow the eyes, give an angry and exhausted expression to the face, and have lost their original form. The eyebrows, which highlight the beauty of the face and especially the eyes, help to create a youthful and bright image. It is perfectly normal for the deep creases on the forehead and the frown lines between the two eyebrows to appear during the natural aging process. In addition to creases, eyebrows which lose their youthful appearance due to exposure to sunlight and weight fluctuations, start to droop over time as well. Brow lift operation will restore the bright appearance of the face by achieving a flawless forehead and a tighter-looking eyebrows. Angry, sad, or tired expressions are eliminated with the help of brow lift procedure.

Methods and Applications

The first and the most obvious sign of aging appears in the face. Due to aging, wrinkles appear around the eyes and along the forehead and sagging is observed around the eyebrow area. In addition, overhanging eyelids are also among the signs of aging. The sagging in the eyebrow area and in the upper eyelids may obscure the field of vision over time. This condition, which affects the facial expression as well, will give the facial area a more depressed and tired appearance. To prevent this from happening, brow lift operation is performed to achieve better-looking and flawless eyebrows. There are many different methods of brow lift. These methods include non-surgical and surgical operations.

Surgical procedures include classic brow lift, thread brow lift, and endoscopic brow lift. Non-surgical techniques, on the other hand, include Ultherapy and Botox procedures. Brow lift with Ultherapy is known as high intensity focused ultrasound energy. In this procedure, it is possible to reach 4.5 millimeters deep without scarring the skin. In the procedure of brow lifting with Botox, an eyebrow model that fits the shape of the individual’s face is determined.  The eyebrow is repositioned to its original position to bring it into harmony with the face. Endoscopic brow lift surgery is the most common method. It is applied without making any incision with the help of micro cameras. The surgery, which does not leave any scars, is performed by opening a few small holes starting from the inner part of the scalp. It is possible to get more lasting results compared to other applications.

Customized Brow Lift

Brow lift operations include classic brow lift and thread brow lift. Classic brow lift is also known as temple lift operation. It is performed by excising the hairy skin from the patient’s temple and tightening the area. As a drawback of this procedure, the sutures in the hairy skin widens after a certain period, causing bald spots to appear. Therefore, this operation might not be long-lasting when performed. Another procedure, the thread brow lift can be easily applied under local anesthesia. Through a hole opened in front of the hairline, the skin is stitched from the inside. In this way, the eyebrow can be suspended at the desired position. The disadvantage of this procedure is that the results are not permanent and the eyebrows return to their former state over time. This might take 6 months to 2 years, depending on the use of facial expression muscles. In general, the procedure is best performed by a specialist.

The eyebrow model determines one’s facial expression. The eyebrow that fits the shape of the individual’s face is called the “the ideal brow”. It is suggested for people with round faces to have sharp angled eyebrows, for those with oval faces to have slightly angled eyebrows, for those with long faces to have straight eyebrows, and for those with square or angled faces to have bow-shaped eyebrows. The procedure to be applied will be decided by the specialist. For this reason, an examination by the specialist is crucial for the right decision.

Brow Lift Surgery and Recovery Process

In the brow lift surgery, a 1-2 cm incision is opened on the scalp and through that incision, the tissues below the eyebrows are first freed and then suspended upwards. Thread brow lift procedure allows the patients to have a more definite and youthful look. No pain that could cause severe discomfort is experienced after the surgery. Patients can return to their daily lives immediately. There may be swellings in the forehead and eye area for up to 4-5 days after surgery. Since brow lift surgery is performed under the hairy skin, no scars are visible from the outside. Before brow lift surgery is performed, it is necessary to consult a doctor who specializes in the field of aesthetics. The doctor will decide whether you need a brow lift or not. After the surgery, tape and dressing are applied around the eyebrows. During the recovery process, cold compresses can be applied to the forehead area to reduce swelling in a short time. It is quite normal to experience swelling after the surgery. Although bruises occur quite rarely, it is suggested to consult a doctor if any bruise occurs. It is necessary to wash the hair delicately 3 days after the surgery. The sutures are removed 7 days after the surgery to reduce swellings. After the surgery, the patient may have trouble moving the eyebrows for a short period. The patient may also experience numbness in the eyebrow area. All of these are expected after the surgery. Should any other condition occurs other than these, it is necessary to inform the doctor about it and to follow their instructions.

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