The eyes are different from each other by nature and nowadays, there are many factors that affect the eyelids. You can achieve a much more pleasing eye contour with almond eye surgery, which is increasing in popularity lately. Patients may have drooping eyelids due to conditions such as fatigue, stress and especially genetic factors. With the almond eye surgery, the desired appearance is achieved by lifting the eyes slightly.

What is almond eye surgery?

Unlike other aesthetic operations, almond eye surgery takes the concept of slanted eyes to a different level. With the help of this procedure, the eyes get a sharper appearance and the process is completed without any risk of complications. On the other hand, after this procedure, patients no longer need to rely on make-up applications. Women who desire to have impressive and sharp-looking eyes, can achieve this with the help of almond eye surgery in a short time.

How is almond eye surgery performed?

There are many studies on how the almond eye surgery is performed. Firstly, unlike other aesthetic operations, this procedure does not require general anesthesia. In this application, outer edge of the eye is numbed with local anesthesia. A small incision is, then, made at the outer corner of the eye.

Surgical threads designed especially for the almond eye surgery ensure that the patient’s eyes are pulled upwards. This procedure is called thread lift technique. After lifting, it is fixed onto the bone membrane and the operation is completed successfully. After checking the final shape of the eye, the surgeon sutures the incision, completing the almond eye surgery.

Post-operative instructions for the almond eye surgery

In this aesthetic operation, surgeons inform the patients who have fear of surgery. Following the almond eye surgery, which is a very practical and pain-free procedure, patients can go back to their daily life. Also, there is no need for a rest or a hospital stay after the procedure. A slight swelling may be observed only on the area where the incision is made. However, such problems will disappear within a few days with the help of the prescribed medications.

After the almond eye procedure, the medical instructions of the surgeon should be followed closely. The most common post-op instruction is to apply ointment. Also, there is no need for aesthetic concerns as there will be no bruising in this process. It is possible to get the results you desire in a short time by following the instructions of your treating surgeon.

Cost of the almond eye surgery

Those who have undergone an almond eye surgery, after which patients can return to their daily life right away and achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing and beautiful eye contour, always get positive results. Patients comment about the positive outcomes which are also noticed in a short time by their close circles. They also do not experience problems such as swelling, pain and bruising that may occur after standard aesthetic procedures. Moreover, it should also be noted that the almond eye surgery which is a painless aesthetic application where the outer edges of the eyes are numbed, does not lead to any complications. With the patient’s expectations and suggestions surely taken into account during the examination of the eyes, the aesthetic operation will be completed successfully.

As for the cost of almond eye surgery, it can be seen that they are more affordable than the other aesthetic procedures which have gradually increasing price ranges. Moreover, it is possible to achieve an aesthetically-appealing appearance in a short time with almond eye surgery, which is the most preferred eye aesthetics procedure lately. The almond eye surgery, which is a highly sought-after procedure for women due to the positive feedbacks of patients who have undergone this procedure previously and the affordable prices, is an operation that is always performed by professional surgeons. With the help of this procedure, you can achieve a harmony between your eyes and the rest of your facial structure and have sharper looks.

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