Breast lift surgery is considered for those who have a loose skin, have lost a significant weight, or who ended up with sagging breasts after breastfeeding. Breast tissue is not connected to the chest wall by any bone. Moreover, if you have loose skin, you may experience sagging in your breasts due to gravity over time. This sagging will become even more noticeable in older and overweight people and over time, the breast tissue will completely droop. This will cause displeasure to the patient who would want to restore their breasts to their original perkier and firmer look. The patient is examined in detail in two aspects by the treating surgeon. First, if the breast tissue is found to be sufficient, a breast lift procedure using only the patient’s own tissues will be planned. On the other hand, if their own tissue is deemed insufficient, a fuller and perkier breast appearance can be achieved with the help of a silicone implant. The important matter at this point is for the patients to explain their expectations, ask all the questions they have to the surgeon they are consulting with and to come up with the right decision. This is an easy procedure. On the day of surgery, another consultation is made with the patient seeking to get this procedure and following the necessary anesthesia consultation comes the planning stage. In the meantime, the breasts are marked, photographs are taken, and after a final consultation, the patient is taken to the surgery. The patient is then moved to their room. The patient is discharged on the same day or after an overnight stay in the hospital. The patient is asked to make a follow-up appointment after one week.

Breast lift surgery, which has been developed to get rid of the saggy appearance in women’s breasts and to please women by helping them achieve the appearance they desire, improves women’s psychological health as well. Because in most cases, the dissatisfaction with the appearance of their breasts can have a negative impact on women’s psychological health, leading to psychological problems such as depression over time.

Breast lift surgery, which addresses all these problems, is a slightly more difficult procedure than the other breast surgeries. This surgery has a long operative time, it lasts 2 to 4 hours while the other procedures take up to 2 hours. In addition, this surgery can only be performed under general anesthesia, in other words, it is a procedure that absolutely can not be performed under local anesthesia. The reason to this is that both the operation takes a long time and the results of the surgery are severe.

This surgery is generally performed on patients who have gone through all the medical check-ups and tests, with none of them showing any signs of problems. The doctor gives necessary information to the patients with chronic diseases, and after having them sign a document stating that they have read and understood this information thoroughly, he proceeds with the surgery. Because, in the case of patients with chronic diseases, the surgery can lead to bleeding, hematoma formation (accumulation of blood) in the tissues, and wound dehiscence. This is a procedure that carries risks for such patients.

In addition, as sagging breasts is a serious problem that can not be addressed with anything other than surgery, this procedure is essential. Because no cream, massage or device used to target sagging breasts can help with sagging.

How is breast lift and implant surgery performed?

First of all, as mentioned above, this surgery is performed only under general anesthesia. In some cases, it is combined with breast reduction surgery, while in others, it is combined with breast augmentation. There are also cases where it is performed solely, however people with a sagging breast problem usually have oversized breasts as well. Also, for patients with small breasts who seek to enlarge them, it is necessary to undergo this procedure to keep the breasts from sagging.

The duration of surgery varies between 2 to 4 hours. This can be longer compared to the duration of other surgeries. Breast lift surgery is performed by placing silicone implants into the breasts of patients who have a slight sagging problem. Generally speaking, this procedure is similar to the breast augmentation surgery. However, unlike in breast augmentation, a surgical drain is attached to the patient in this procedure.

A procedure similar to breast reduction surgery is performed on patients who have breasts sagging quite noticeably. A combination of the two procedures is applied to the patients with already oversized breasts, as they also have an accompanying sagging problem. However, unlike in breast reduction, breast glands are not reduced in this procedure. Because the primary goal of this procedure is just to lift the breasts.

If the patient’s breast gland is deemed insufficient, silicone implants are placed under the breast to lift it. This will lead to skin redundancy. Excess skin is excised to get rid of this redundancy, without causing any changes in the appearance. If the patient has undergone a smooth procedure, they will be extremely satisfied with the work done.

Who is a good candidate for breast lift and implant procedure?

Occasionally, this procedure can lead to some complications. People with special medical conditions are more likely to experience these complications, while people without any medical conditions are less likely to get them. Some complications may occur during and after the surgery. For example, hematoma may form in the tissues, bleeding and wound dehiscence may occur, and sutures may get infected. These complications can be observed in patients with no special medical conditions as well.

Generally speaking, breast lift and implant surgery is not recommended for patients with chronic health problems such as diabetes and cholesterol. The reason to this is that these patients are more likely to have operative and post-operative complications compared to others. However, it is not completely impossible for these patients to have this surgery. After the doctor explains the risks this surgery carries and the patient signs the necessary documents, the procedure can be performed.

Another important consideration regarding breast lift + implant surgery is the surgeon who performs the procedure. Getting treated by a surgeon who is not qualified and does not have any experience in this field might put the patient in danger. For this reason, it is important to choose your surgeon carefully after having a solid grasp on the nature and severity of this surgery.

In addition, this kind of surgery is better performed in a hospital. Some clinics may do a better job than hospitals, but the medical instruments in the clinics will not be on a par with the ones used in a hospital. Thus, hospitals should be preferred for such plastic surgeries for the sake of the patient’s health.

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