Fat transfer to the penis is also known as “penis enlargement” or “penis filler” procedure. Men who would like to enlarge their penis can undergo this procedure. Pre-prepared chemical fillers are injected beneath the skin. This provides an enlargement in the area. It is also possible to enlarge the penis by injecting the fat grafted from the patient’s own body. Penis enlargement procedure also lengthens the penis. There is no limit in the enlargement process. However, it would be aesthetically more pleasing to keep the length-girth ratio. The ideal girth for the penis is considered as 4 cm. At most, a 2.5-cm enlargement can be achieved in penis enlargement procedure.

Penis Enlargement with Fat Transfer

Men who are not satisfied with the length or girth of their penis can undergo this penis enlargement surgery and achieve the desired aesthetic appearance. All procedures addressing the penis must be performed in a hospital setting by a specialist. Since the operated area is sensitive, it must not be damaged. Penis enlargement procedure must be performed under general anesthesia. Penis enlargement with fat transfer means that the penis will be larger in terms of girth. The surgery is performed under sedation. The penis is enlarged with the fat grafted from the body or artificial fillers. Some of the injected fat will dissolve in time. Considering this, more fat is injected so that the desired result is easily achieved. In penis enlargement procedure, the pain occurs in the areas that the fat tissues are grafted such as the abdomen or buttocks. Since the penis is an organ that can grow and shrink, it is bandaged during the surgery. This bandage is removed 4 to 5 days after the surgery. The patient might experience swelling or stiffness after the surgery. These conditions are expected. The patient might have to stay in the hospital if the surgeon requests. However, if the patient experiences no other complications, there is no need to stay in the hospital. No scar is left in the operated area after the surgery. As long as the patient does not reveal that he underwent this surgery, it will not be apparent. No loss of feeling or pleasure occurs in the area after the surgery. After the surgery, the patient feels in the same way as before. Similarly, no problem occurs regarding the ejaculation. Penis enlargement with fat transfer offers permanent enlargement in the area.


In this surgery, tissue transfer is made with fat injection. Usually, the fat is grafted from a part of the body and injected into the target area. 40% of the fat injected into the area becomes permanent in the following six months and lasts for a lifetime. Once the rest of the fat dissolves, the remaining amount will be enough for the patient. The most successful method in penis enlargement is the one with fat transfer. Results may vary by the individual patient and they might seek to get another enlargement procedure. However, they need to wait 6 months until the second procedure. Penis enlargement with fat transfer does not pose a high risk. Nevertheless, the choice of hospital and surgeon should be made with caution. Even the slightest infection may negatively affect the health status of the patient. Therefore, the process after the surgery is crucial. Slight pain is expected after the surgery and can be reduced to a minimum with the painkillers prescribed by the surgeon. Patients should avoid smoking, alcohol and products containing caffeine after the surgery. The patients can return to their daily lives without any difficulties. However, they must refrain from sexual intercourse and avoid doing sports and strenuous movements. The operated area will stay bandaged for 5 days. At the end of the fifth day, bandages will be removed under the supervision of the surgeon. As long as the patient keeps follow-up appointments and does not neglect wound caring, the recovery period will be short. Patients should be mindful of their diet after the surgery by following the instructions and sticking to the list given by the surgeon. They should avoid hard-to-digest foods.

Post-Operative Instructions

Penis enlargement with fat transfer is an important surgical operation. The process after the surgery is crucial. There are certain instructions that patients should follow. The operation will be successful on the condition that the patients follow them. Following the advice given by the surgeon and applying them is crucial for the recovery process.

  • Patients should avoid showering for the 10 days following the surgery as the area will be covered in bandages for 5 days following the surgery. During this period, the patient should avoid contacting too hot or too cold water.
  • Patients are restricted from sexual intercourse for a month following the surgery.
  • The way patients travel also matters. They should avoid using the means of transport that would negatively affect the operated area. If it is an emergency or a vital situation, airplanes can be preferred.
  • Slight pain is expected in the area after the surgery. In this period, patients should refrain from driving. They should avoid strenuous movements that would strain the operated area.
  • The operated area is sutured after the surgery and the sutures are removed after 5 days.
  • No medication should be used other than the ones prescribed by the surgeon, as it might cause unintended complications.
  • Patients should avoid steam baths and sunlight exposure for a period that can last up to 10 days depending on the recovery process.
  • Bruises are expected in the area after the operation, which will disappear after a month.
  • Patients will not experience any problems as long as they keep their follow-up appointments with the surgeon.

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