Liposuction with lipomatic

Lipomatic liposuction is performed using the latest technologies and is known as Infrasonic Tickle Liposuction. In this procedure, which is much more advantageous than the other liposuction operations, there is no need to use general anesthesia. It can be performed easily by using local anesthesia and without any risk of complications.

How is lipomatic liposuction performed?

A general examination is performed before the lipomatic liposuction procedure. In this process, the amount of fat to be removed and the areas to be targeted are determined. After evaluating the options of general and local anesthesia, the surgeon proceeds with the Lipomatic procedure. Lipomatic, which is a vibrating device used on the area where the fat will be removed, functions with low-frequency sound waves that are out of the range of human hearing. During the process, the fats in the problem area are emulsified. After the fat removal performed with the Lipomatic device, which does not damage the body structure in any way, it is possible to have a fitter and firmer body. The fats emulsified during the process are vacuumed with a device in the final stage and the operation is completed.

Recovery after the procedure

After the operation, which allows more fat tissues to be removed than any other traditional liposuction operations, the skin stays undamaged. Therefore, it has a much shorter recovery period compared to the other liposuction operations. However, a corset should be used as a preventive measure for a certain period of time as advised by the doctor. This is mainly to prevent the skin from sagging.
The ratio of the fat removed with lipomatic may vary by region. Patients who can return to their daily lives approximately between 1 and 5 days should start exercising regularly to comply with the instructions of their doctor. The same applies to a proper diet.

Who is a good candidate for Lipomatic?

Lipomatic, which appeals to a large audience, can be applied to every individual over the age of 18 and in good general health. This method, which does not require general anesthesia, is also ideal for male patients. In general, male patients who complain of gynecomastia can be treated with Lipomatics in a short time. It should be noted that male patients are also pleased with the results because the glandular tissues in the breasts can be removed with this device.
This procedure can be performed successfully in the abdomen, neck, arm, chest, leg, buttocks, hips, and waist areas. Thanks to this highly sensitive device, the fat removal operation is always successful and gives good results.

What are the differences between Lipomatic and Laser Liposuction?

The lipomatic method is a newer procedure than laser liposuction. The recovery period in laser liposuction is long, while in Lipomatic it is much shorter. Moreover, the amount of fat to be removed with laser liposuction is limited. Side effects such as bleeding, burn marks, and bruising can also be observed in laser liposuction. On the other hand, there is no risk of any side effects or complications in Lipomatic.

Advantages of Lipomatic liposuction

Lipomatic, which offers a much faster recovery than all liposuction methods before Lipomatic, ensures homogeneous and equal removal of fat from problem areas. Furthermore, since the operation is performed with this highly sensitive device, no harm is done to blood vessels, muscles, or nerves. Therefore, it is a remarkably successful and comfortable method.
Lipomatic, which increases the amount of collagen found under the skin, minimizes sagging. Lipomatic, which is used to get rid of cellulite that appears on the hips of women, is one of the technologies with the least side-effect. This procedure, which allows patients to go back to their daily lives in a short period, procures a solution to patients who cannot undergo general anesthesia. In short, with this procedure, it is possible to achieve regional slimming while minimizing the sagging without encountering any problems.

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