Today, many women and men seek to get cosmetic leg surgeries. Women desire to have longer, more aesthetically-pleasing and smooth-looking legs, while men resort to cosmetic leg surgeries to have more muscular legs.

The aim of cosmetic leg surgeries is to achieve a harmonious, smooth and attractive appearance in legs. The excess tissue, if any, is removed from the bulky areas, while the skinny looking areas are augmented. If the tissue is not grafted from the leg area for these augmentations, they are extracted from the abdomen, waist, hips, and inner parts of the knees and transfered to the target areas with the help of cannulas. Cosmetic leg surgeries can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the procedure to be performed.

Leg Reduction

A number of operations need to be planned and performed properly to reshape the legs. The appearance of thick legs may result from thick bone structure, large muscle tissue or excess fat tissue. The typical cause of thick legs, however, is excess fat tissue. To address this condition, the ankle and calf areas can be slimmed with liposuction or laser lipolysis techniques. In the case of thick legs resulting from bone density, a limited correction can be made. If the thickness is associated with large muscle tissue, calves can be slimmed with Botox or surgical intervention.

Knee Sculpting

The fat deposits in the inner area of the knees will cause the leg to look shorter. In knee sculpting, excess fat in the inner parts of the knee is removed. The leg contour is corrected by augmenting the skinny areas. With the help of this procedure, the patient will appear taller with longer-looking legs. This procedure is completed in an average of 1 hour.

Calf Augmentation

The appearance of thin and underdeveloped calves, sometimes refered to as chicken legs, can be observed either on one or both legs. It is caused by certain diseases. Leg contour can be enhanced with the help of silicone implants placed in excessively thin calves. Silicone implants are placed between the calf muscles, achieving a width of 3-4 centimeters in the calf. In the case of slightly curved legs, fat can be grafted and transfered into the problem areas, if the patient is eligible for fat transfer. If not, the problem can be corrected by injecting hyaluronic acid.

Cankle Surgery

Slimming can be achieved in this area by removing the excess fat tissue in the ankle with liposuction. However, slimming is not possible for the thickness of the bone structure. In cankle surgery, the asymmetry of the ankles is corrected, the thickness is eliminated and an attractive appearance is achieved. In cankle surgeries, the ankle is treated along with the calves. If necessary, fat transfer and fat removal can be performed on this area to achieve a harmonious appearance. The operative time of this procedure is approximately 1 hour. Patients are advised not to stand too long after this operation. A special compression stocking is put on the legs. Patients can begin light exercises 3 weeks after surgery. For more strenuous exercises, they should wait 6 weeks. The results of the operation addressing the ankle are permanent. Slimming in this area does not change with weight gain. However, patients are still advised to control their weight and do exercises actively.

After Cosmetic Leg Surgeries

Cosmetic leg surgery is an operation that takes 3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. It is customized to the patient’s needs and leg structure. A preliminary consultation with the doctor is required before the leg surgery. A photograph of the leg before surgery is taken to show the patient the difference before and after the procedure. Sagging in the leg area is usually caused by the patient’s weight fluctuations. The fat deposits in this part are removed with thigh lift procedure and a smoother appearance is achieved. As for the surgical scars in the operated area after the procedure, they are not permanent and become invisible to the eye over time.

Cosmetic leg surgery can be prefered to achieve more toned and aesthetically- pleasing legs. Recovery time after the procedure is comfortable. Patients usually need to stay overnight in the hospital. And they can take a shower 3 days after the operation. Suitable compression stockings should be worn for 3 weeks after the operation. Bruising and edema may occur after the procedure. This is expected and not a situation to be worried. They will disappear after approximately 3 weeks. To help with edema, patients should keep the legs at a high position by supporting them with pillows. Patients should avoid exercising for 2 months after surgery. The operated area should be protected against impact. As mentioned earlier, edema and swelling is observed after the surgery. In such cases, lymphatic drainage massage is recommended to speed up the recovery of the area. This way, the patient can recover more comfortably.

The Cost of Cosmetic Leg Surgeries

In cosmetic leg surgery, more than one operation can be performed depending on the deformities on the leg, leading to differences in the cost of the surgery. A customized planning is made by determining the aesthetical needs. The patient should have a face-to-face consultation with the doctor of their choice regarding the surgery. Since every patient’s leg structure, desire and needs are different, the method to be applied will vary as well. This also leads to changes in the price accordingly. When combined with leg reduction surgery, it is also referred to as “lipedema”. There can be many reasons that require the patients to have a leg reduction surgery. Usually starting in puberty, thickness in the legs can last up to advanced age. In leg reduction surgery, patients with curved legs are treated with injections. A curved leg is a condition where the legs curve either outward or inward. This problem is addressed by injections and silicone implants placed in the targeted area. In the calf augmentation, fat is grafted from the parts of the body with fat deposits to address the hollows that occur in the tissues due to tissue deficiency in the leg area. For instance, fat from the waist and abdomen can be transfered into the target area.

Patients should make their hospital and doctor choice after a detailed search before the surgery. The cost of the cosmetic leg surgeries varies depending on the knowledge and experience of the doctor, the technical equipment, location and reputation of the hospital, the extent of the operation and whether additional procedures are needed. The most accurate cost information will be revealed after the necessary examinations are carried out.

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