Thigh lift is an aesthetic procedure performed to eliminate the deformities in the thighs. There are multiple methods for thigh lift surgery. The upper leg (thigh) lift is known as inner thigh lift. Sagging leg area may lead to a displeasing appearance on the legs. To address this appearance, a thigh lift procedure is performed. This is usually caused by fat deposition and sagging in thighs after excess weight loss and pregnancy. Laser lipolysis is one of the methods that can be applied in thigh lift procedures. However, in some cases, this method alone may not be enough. It will be followed by a thigh lift procedure. Before the procedure, an examination should be carried out on the patient’s skin quality and on the complications that may arise after the procedure.

Thighs, referring to the upper part of the legs, have a tendency to sag. This problem can be observed in people who have lost an excess amount of weight. One of the reasons for patients to seek to get a thigh lift procedure may be the psychological discomfort they feel. People with this problem feel uncomfortable even by the friction in this area when walking. They may also experience skin rash and fungal infections in summer. A thigh lift surgery is required to eliminate such problems. The purpose of thigh lift surgery is both to relieve the aesthetic concerns of the patient and to provide them a more comfortable life. In other words, it will be possible to benefit from this procedure in two regards.

Thigh lift and the operation process

Before a thigh lift procedure, the area to be targeted during the operation should be examined in detail. It is also important for the patients to be careful with their choice of doctor before the procedure. The quality of the area to be targeted and the degree of fat deposition are examined. Lipoxin and lipomatic procedures can be performed, especially if there is fat deposition and sagging in this area. A more pleasant appearance is achieved by tightening the thighs in such procedures. A different procedure can also be applied depending on the individual patient’s condition. The doctor applies the treatment method he deems appropriate. Choosing the suitable treatment for the individual patient is essential in order to perform the right procedure. Thus, thigh area can both be lifted and slimmed down. Therefore, the examination before the procedure is of utmost importance. Before the examination, the doctor will give a detailed information to the patient. The patient will then make their decision regarding the procedure. Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The operative time of the surgery may vary by the individual patient. The exact duration of the surgery becomes clearer when the patient is examined before the operation. However, generally speaking, the surgery takes 1 to 2 hours. After surgery, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. As a result, the duration of hospital stay varies depending on the patient’s condition and the scope of the surgery. During the operation, the excess fat tissue in the targeted area is removed. First of all, in order to ensure the tightening of thighs, the excess skin is pulled upwards, towards the groin area.

Post-operative Care After Surgery

There are some points that the patient should be careful about after a thigh lift surgery.

* The patient should avoid excess movements after surgery.

  • If the patient is engaged in sports and physical activities, they should avoid these activities for a while.

* The patient should exercise caution to protect the operated area as it will be sutured.

* As with the other aesthetic procedures, a compression garment should be worn in thigh lift surgery.

* As for sitting, the patient should sit with their feet extended in front of them.

* After surgery, patients should pay special attention not to get any infection in the sutured area.

Patients often experience complications after surgery. Before and after the operation, the doctor will brief the patient about the instructions to be followed. If the patients follow their doctor’s instructions, the operation process will be comfortable and successful. This way, patients will have toned and smoother legs. In this way, the doctor achieves the desired outcome from the procedure while the patient gets the legs they desire. Before the procedure, a consultation with the doctor is absolutely necessary. In thigh lift procedures, the patient is shown before and after photographs, to help them have a better grasp of the difference.

Whether or not there will be any scars left in the operated area is a matter of concern for patients before the procedure. As an incision is applied in this operation, a linear scar will be observed over time. However, it will be barely noticeable. After thigh lift surgery, the patient does not experience any severe pain. And any possible pain will be addressed with the painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

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