Combined Aesthetics

Combined aesthetics refers to multiple aesthetic operations performed on the body. For example, the application of liposuction and fat transfer is known as a combined aesthetic procedure. With the help of these operations, the body can be reshaped in a short time. In addition, the recovery period of patients who want to achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance is shorter. Usually performed in the disproportionate areas of the body, a combined aesthetic procedure starts with a comprehensive consultation with the doctor. The examination process and the patient’s body analysis are then completed. The recovery period after the procedure is short. It should be noted that these operations, which do not have any side effects, also allow the patients to successfully adapt to social life.

Before a Combined Aesthetic Procedure

Given the duration of the operative time, the patient should devote time for the surgery. As there will be multiple aesthetic operations performed, the patient needs to be in good health. The surgeon will require the patient to have blood tests before surgery. Depending on the results of these tests, the decision whether or not to proceed with the procedures is made. Combined aesthetic procedure is not performed on patients with chronic diseases and on older patients.

Patients are asked to stop taking herbal supplements or blood thinners 10-15 days before the procedure. The same applies to drinking alcohol and smoking. Since the operative time of the surgery is long, all of the doctor’s instructions should be followed closely in order to achieve successful results. It should be noted that combined aesthetic procedure will not be performed especially on patients whose blood tests show abnormal results.

Most Sought-After Combined Aesthetic Procedures

The most preferred combined aesthetic procedures nowadays are listed as follows;


  • Full face lift
  • Breast aesthetics and tummy tuck
  • Breast aesthetics and arm lift
  • Tummy tuck and thigh lift
  • Lip aesthetics and rhinoplasty
  • Genital aesthetics and tummy tuck
  • Butt lift and tummy tuck

In addition to these, with rhinoplasty and chin enhancement implants, patients also seek to get a procedure to correct bite and jaw deformities. In addition, a full face lift include applications such as eyebrow lift, blepharoplasty and fat injection.

Tummy Tuck and Breast Aesthetics

The fact that breasts and the abdomen are in close proximity helps with achieving regional aesthetics. Patients often seek to get these procedures together. With the help of combined aesthetics, the abdomen achieves a flatter appearance, while the breasts are lifted, giving them a more aesthetically-pleasing contour.

Breast aesthetics and arm lift

Patients seek to get these procedures together as the arms and breasts are in close proximity. Patients with large arms also experience aesthetic deformations in breasts. For this reason, while the sagging in the arms will be corrected, at the same time the chest area and breasts will achieve a pleasing appearance.

Thigh lift and tummy tuck: the thigh lift procedure performed on the patients will be followed by a tummy tuck surgery. At this point, the procedure proceeds with fat transfers. However, the body structure of the patients should be eligible for this operation.

When multiple aesthetic procedures are performed on the patients during one surgery, it will allow them to return to their social life in a short time. In addition, chin enhancement implants are preferred in patients with bite and jaw disorders. Those who seek to get a genioplasty and rhinoplasty simultaneously can achieve better results.

Advantages of Combined Aesthetics

First of all, with the combined aesthetics that positively affect the healing process, multiple aesthetic operations are performed during a single surgery. The recovery period of patients who achieve a better appearance with the help of combination procedures will also be short. Furthermore, patients who gets the desired appearance in a short time do not experience any side effects or complications. Therefore, combined aesthetic operations, which is performed smoothly and successfully, are ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a proportionate appearance.

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