What is Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)? How is it performed?

The procedure which enhances the appearance of buttocks and helps patients achieve a fuller buttock contour is called Brazilian butt lift. This procedure, which is applied using only the patient’s own fat deposits, yields permanent and beautiful results.

In this procedure, which is preferred by those who want to achieve a similar buttocks appearance to those of Brazilian women, physical slimming is ensured first. In addition, female patients who have a flat and square butt can get this procedure. Moreover, due to weight loss or aging, women can experience problems such as flattening, loosening and sagging in the backside. In order for the butt, which is regarded as the symbol of beauty for women, to look perkier and more aesthetically-pleasing, Brazilian butt lift procedure, i.e. BBL, is much sought after recently.

Methods used in Brazilian butt lift procedure

Following the surgeon’s examination, butt lifting can be performed by using either fat injection or butt thread lift technique. Patient’s demands and suggestions are also taken into consideration during this process. After the consultation with the doctor, where the patient shares the parts they are dissatisfied with on their backside, the method to be applied for the procedure is determined.

The butt thread lift technique is applied to women with buttocks that look undefined due to weight loss. This problem which also affects the lower portion of the abdomen, can be solved by butt thread lift. Gluteal implant method is also among the most preferred BBL applications today. A silicone implant can be applied in case the upper part of the buttocks lacks volume. Finally, a highly appealing buttocks appearance can be achieved with fat injection.

Before Brazilian butt lift

Some tests are required before butt lift procedure. Following the physical examination of butt along with blood tests, the medical examination is completed with imaging tests. Patients are asked to stop smoking and drinking alcohol 1 week before the surgery. In addition, they are also advised not to take herbal supplements as well as blood thinners such as aspirin. All these instructions are to be followed the first 3 months after Brazilian butt lift.

How is Brazilian butt lift performed?

In the case of patients preferring silicone implant procedure, an incision is made on the gluteal area. Implants are placed under general anesthesia. In order to prevent edema, a surgical drain is attached to the patients. After 5-6 days, the drain can be removed and the new look of buttocks will be visible. On the other hand, in the case of patients getting fat injection, fat is harvested from other areas of the body and injected into the gluteal area using special methods. Some patients might think that fat injection is unhealthy. However, it should be noted that the fat harvested from different areas of the body have the ability to rejuvenate themselves. In other words, the procedure does not have a negative impact on the areas where fat is extracted.

After Brazilian butt lift

After the procedure, patients are given instructions about travel and clothing, especially sports. Patients who can go back to their daily life after 2 days should pay particular attention to clothing. Clothes that will not put pressure on hips and waist should be preferred and the butt should be protected from impacts. On the other hand, after Brazilian butt lift, patients should avoid sports and exercises for at least 3 months. They should also avoid showering for the first 1 week. Should the patient pay attention these factors, the healing process will speed up and the desired buttocks appearance will be achieved.

Post-op recovery period usually lasts up to 8 weeks. However, there will be a noticeable change in the first 4 weeks. Patients can drive as of the 1st month. As you can see, Brazilian butt lift is a successful surgical process without any side effects or complications. In this way, women can have a much more attractive, aesthetically-pleasing and perky butt and at the same time, they can improve their self-confidence with the help of butt lift procedure.

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