Arm Lift Surgery

Usually, people who have weight fluctuations experience sagging in the arm area. This sagging is the deformation observed in the inner part of the area between the elbow and the shoulder. It can be addressed by lifting up the flabby parts in the arm area. And this procedure is called arm lift surgery. People with this problem may feel self-concious in sleeveless clothes. People with too excessive sagging in this area may experience irritation resulting from friction. An arm lift operation is also known as brachioplasty. It is of great importance to work with a plastic surgeon who specializes in arm lift procedure. In some cases, for people who do not experience excessive flabbiness in this area, liposuction might be the solution. The patient should clearly express their complaints and expectations before the surgery.

Before the operation, the patient’s state of health is checked and the decision whether or not they are eligible for this procedure is made. This surgery is also known as arm stretching, which will control the soft tissues. In the aesthetic operation which is performed with a liposuction, an additional stretching will not be required. People who are overweight may find that the slimming area in their arms after having a gastric bypass surgery is disproportionate to their bodies. Therefore, they seek to get an arm lift surgery to achieve a more proportioned look. With arm lift surgery, it is possible to have a toned and flawless physique. After the procedure, more dynamic and toned arms are achieved.

After Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery should be performed in a hospital setting. Although it is an operation that lasts approximately 2 hours, the operative time may vary by the patient. Surgery planning addresses the flabbiness and fat deposition in the arm. The patient needs to undergo a medical examination before the arm lift surgery is performed. Because depending on the individual patient, surgery plans and applications to be performed will vary. If the arms are only fat without any flabby appearance, a laser liposuction can be performed. However, if there is only sagging in the arms, an arm lift surgery is required. Arm lift surgery is the process of removing fat tissue with an incision. If the sagging is too excessive, the fish-incision technique is applied by extending the incision to the armpits. In this way, a two-way arm lift surgery is performed. Arm lift surgery and liposuction can be performed simultaneously. Whether or not there will be scars left after the surgery is also a matter of concern for patients. In arm lift surgery, the scars run along the inner part of the upper arm and extend to the armpit. They are not noticeable from outside or from front view. But when the arm is raised, the scar may become visible depending on the extent of scarring. The scars in the arm usually begins from a distance of 3-4 cm from the arm area and extends to the armpit. The scarring in this area may vary by the patient as the procedure is tailored to the individual patients. In some cases, the scar is expected to be as small as a stretch mark, while in others, the procedure will leave a visible scar. The scar on the arm will have a red and pink appearance in the early stages of the recovery period. Then the skin will regain its original color in approximately 1 year.


Post-operative care after the surgery

Since an incision is made in this procedure, the soft skin will be wrapped with dressing after the surgery. The patient may be asked to stay overnight in the hospital. The patient can also return to their daily activities after 4-5 days. After about 10 days, the sutured area will heal. Patients are advised to wear a compression garment for 1 month after the surgery. Depending on the healing process, this period may be longer. It will help to better stabilize the operated area. Swelling and edema may occur after surgery. For this, the swelling can be reduced by applying ice compresses.

As this is not a very complicated operation, the patient may only feel mild post-op pain. It is possible to reduce the pain by taking the medications advised by the doctor for pain relief. If the patient is engaged in sports and physical activities, they should avoid these activities until approximately 1 month after the surgery. The patient should avoid moving the arm in a stretched manner, and should refrain from exerting and even lifting their arms up. Following these instructions will speed up the recovery time and will relieve the pain.

Costs of an arm lift surgery may vary. It will depend on how the surgery will be performed and on the extent of the applications to be used. As the procedure varies by the individual patient. For instance, in some patients, there will be less fat removal, while in others, it will be more. This may vary by the treating doctor and the applications performed.

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